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Puppy Classes/Junior Classes

Allpets have been happy to host puppy training classes for over 10years. These are taken by Joe Clarke, Animal Welfare Officer for Islington Council. Joe has over 25 years experience and is an ADPT accredited member. He has also adjudicated other dog trainers in the past. Many of the dogs you see out and about have been through his classes!


For more information on our puppy and junior classes, call
0208 450 1334 or

0208 459 3010

Our puppy classes centre on socialisation, commands, lead work and problem solving. These are held on a Tuesday evening from 7.30-8.30 at our Sidmouth Parade clinic. New pups are asked to attend about 7.15 to register, and, if clients at another vet clinic, produce their vaccination record. Ideally pups should start as soon as possible after their 1st vaccination to get the optimum result from the course, this is rather like playgroup for puppies – and pups learn vital life skills through play with their peers. Joe offers a 6 week course, but as it is 'roll on, roll off' it doesnt matter if pups don't come every week (as long as the course is completed within reason!). We also strongly recommend that children are brought along too – one of the main problems that new puppy owners experience is nipping! Joe will give you and your children the skills to deal with this, as well as advise on toilet training, chewing, barking, etc.

At about 16-20 weeks you will suddenly find that your pup is no longer tolerated by some older, adult dogs – even ones he has played with on a regular basis. This is because his 'puppy licence' has run out! This is the point at which our Junior Classes become useful.

Junior classes are held at our Neasden Clinic. Situated in the Neasden shopping Parade facing the North Circular Road, we are about 10minutes by car from the other clinic and well served by buses. We have a spacious waiting room which is ideal for these classes. Unlike puppy class this is a fixed 6 week course with an additional induction day to see if the group interact well together. These are held on a Wednesday from 7-8pm.

Whereas puppy class is more about socialisation and play, Juniors is more about about equipping with skills – teaching both dog and owner (weaving, crawling through tunnels, further lead work, recalls and 'send aways') as well as helping with any problems. We will often take dogs 'graduating' from puppy class, but are also happy to enrol dogs who have never been to class before.

Please note that Joe is happy to provide a one-to-one for those who for whatever reason can't come to classes. This should be arranged with him privately.

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